Welcome to mirror.init7.net

The Init7 mirror server is located in Winterthur and connected to our international IP backbone AS13030 with 20 Gbit/s. It supports IPv4 and IPv6 over HTTP, HTTPS and Rsync (no FTP). We synchronize multiple times a day.

About Init7

Init7 is a Swiss provider of broadband internet, TV, data centre and engineering services with registered office in Winterthur, Switzerland.

We love and live technology. This binds our team together in its aspiration to play an active part in the latest developments rather than merely following the herd. This is why we have always remained adamant that we will not be dependent on the large network operators in Switzerland. We are fiercely determined to develop our own dualstack-compatible backbone, and at the time of writing we have some 8000 bilateral peering sessions. Our backbone enables us to use the latest technologies in a logical way, to set our prices exactly where we want to and to your benefit, and to apply our core area of expertise at the very highest level.

In case your resolver is broken, the IP addresses of mirror.init7.net: